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About Green Tea

Variety of tea and how to serve green tea.

Variety of tea

Green tea and black tea are using same kind of tea tree leaves.
Tea Unfermented tea Steamed Gyokuro tea ... Tea leaves are grown covered. The leaves are soft. The least bitter tasting. Most umami taste.
Kabuse tea ... Covered like Gyokuro tea, but for a shorter period of time. The flavor is between Gyokuro and Sencha.
Sencha ... Basic Japanese tea. Balanced umami, astringent refreshing taste.
Fukamushi tea ... More deeply steamed than Sencha. Less bitter, mild taste.
Matcha tea ... Leaves covered like Gyokuro. After dried, it is growned by a stone mill. It is used for tea ceremony.
Bancha tea ... The tea picked summer or fall. Leaves are bigger and more firm.
Fried Gyokuryoku tea ... Parched with iron bowl. A Chinese method.
Half fermented tea Oolong tea ... It is between green tea and black tea. It has good flavor.
Fermented tea Black tea ... Leaves are completely fermented. It has unique flavor.

How to brew Hadaseicha's green tea

Hadaseicha's green tea contains soft young leaves that will be burn with boiling water. It is recommented to use water around 60 degree Celsius like Gyokuro tea. And wait for about 3 minutes. Then all ingredient will be seeped.

How to preserve

If you preserve in room temprature, tea leaves will be changed color after a few month. It is recommended to keep in freezer within ziplock pack and move small pack to refrigerator. Then you will able to enjoy the new tea flavor and taste long time. The reason to use small pack like ziplock is prevent to get moisture when you open the chilled pack. It is good idea to put desiccant into pack where you keep tea leaves. But if the desiccant contains deodorant, it will absorb tea flavor also. So please check ingredient before you use.

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