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Hadaseicha's green tea. 1 kg = about 2.2 lb. 0.5kg unit. 100 yen = about $1. (Currency Conversion@Yahoo)

International shipping price list (2017 - estimate)

Thank You Loose Tea 5830: Kabuse tea (Ichibancha : leaves)

Aracha 5830 yen / kg
Hadaseicha's best quality tea leaves. "Ichiban" means "number 1" or "first" in Japanese.

Thank You Tea Bag 6835: Kabuse tea (Tea bag)

Mizudashi 6835 yen / kg
Each tea bag has about 3g of Konacha. 1 Kg has about 330 tea bags. Place a teabag in bottled water, shake, and let steep. It will be ready to drink in about 2-3 minutes.

Thank You Broken Tea 4900:Kabuse tea (Konacha : powder)

4900 yen / kg
Konacha is rough powder, which is made in the tea making process. It is the same grade as Ichibancha. Note: This is not Maccha (fine green tea powder).

Green Tea Mill 3580: Kyocera ceramic green tea hand mill

Detail about ceramic green tea hand mill (Photo with Japanese text)
3580 yen
You can make fine green tea powder from broken tea at home.


Hadaseicha:Package for Loose Tea & Tea Powder: Front View> Hadaseicha:Package for Loose Tea & Tea Powder: Back View> Hadaseicha:Package for Tea Bag: Front View> Hadaseicha:Package for Tea Bag: Back View>

These are sample photo of packaging. From left,
1) Package for Loose Tea & Tea Powder: Front View
2) Package for Loose Tea & Tea Powder: Back View
3) Package for Tea Bag: Front View
4) Package for Tea Bag: Back View

Both are aluminium bags. There are generic package from whole seller. It may be changed by year. The label will be changed every year.

It has deoxidizer for avoid oxidation. Tea bag package is re-sealable.

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