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Voice from customer

Here's our customers' voice. Thank you very much. It is the most encouragement for our business as we are making product.

If you fill out PDF file and send FAX or comment form on this page, I (Naoki) will sent to my parents in Japan with my translation.

My parents took long time to establish the tea factory and now really proud to people enjoy the green tea.

Mr. Kuan Chun Huang from California

Ms. Janice M Terakawa from California

Mr. Akito Murata from California

Mr. M. F. from California

Mr. S. K. from California

Mr. C. D. from California

Mr. S. L. from California

Mr. Cholo from California

Mr. Kei Yuasa from California

Ms. Kitako Shelton from California

Mr. Kevin Shelton from California

Mr. Tom Sheridan from California

Milk Papa from California

Mr. Gil from California

Ms. E. M. from California

Ms. Hideko from California

Mr. Shoji Kumagai from California

Ms. S.V. from California

Ms. Kazuko Mito from California

Mr. Gu Vargas from California

Mr. Craig Bauer from California

Mr. Jose from California

Mr. Shoji Kumagai from California

Ms. Rose X Lu from California

Mr. Mohan Bethur from California

Ms. Tevy from California

Mr. H.B. from California

Mr. Kevin from California

Mr. William from California

Mr. Eric from California

Mr. Hankness from California

Restaurant Kawataro in Suzuka (Kawataro Japanese Restaurant)
Hadaseicha comment Kawatarou Japanese Restaurant

Ms. Takiko from Kameyama-shi, Mie, Japan

Ms. Setsuko from Yokkaichi-shi, Mie, Japan

Ms. Setsuko Sugimoto

Tea Lover


Ms. Paula Brown from San Jose, California

Ms. K.W. from San Jose, California

Mr. Kazuo Utsumi from San Jose, California

Ms. Jeremy Frick from San Jose, California

Ms. F.P. from San Jose, California

Mr. Kit from Los Altos Hills, California, USA

The tea is delicious, so fresh. I switched from coffee to Hadaseicha's green tea and I have more energy and clearer thoughts.

Mr. T.A. from Mountain View, California

Jin & Eri from Tokyo, Japan

Ms. Hiro from Los Angeles, California

Mr. Grant Overstake from Kansas, USA

The green tea was very, well, green! We had never tasted anything like it before. We liked it!

Ms. Jessica from Oshawa, Canada

i love the product!! got a free sample and going to buy some.

Ms. Yukie Takahashi from California

Mr. N from California

Ms. Serena from California

Ms. Sheri from California

This tea is delicious! Its color is a beautiful jade green, and the flavor is sophisticated with a fresh leafy aroma.

Ms. Sung from San Jose, California

I love Hadaseicha's green tea. The taste is very subtle yet very refreshing. I enjoy drinking it every day. Thank you.

Ms. Zorana from California

Ms. K.M. from California

Mr. M.K. from California

Ms. Y.K. from California

Mr. P.A. from California

Mr. A.T. from California

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