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Reservation Order

The due date to order spring leaves is April 30. HadaSeicha is mainly selling to market. We don't carry stock for retail. This Web order is reservation order only. We take reservation, hold Hadaseicha's highest grade tea, and ship to you.

Price & Discount
Reservation process
About shipping
How to order
Limitation & Waiver
How to pay
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Price & Discount

Please check product page for the detail info.

Hadaseicha's green tea. 1 kg = about 2.2 lb. 100 yen = about $1. It used to be 0.5 kg minium, but now it became more flexible.

International shipping price list (2017 - estimatere)

Thank You Loose Tea 5830: Kabuse tea (Ichibancha : leaves)
Hadaseicha's best quality loose tea. "Ichiban" means "number 1" or "first" in Japanese.

  • 5830 yen/kg (tea) + 100 yen/bag (packing)

Thank You Tea Bag 6835: Kabuse tea (Ichibancha : leaves)
6835 yen / kg Each tea bag has about 3g of broken tea. 1 Kg has about 330 tea bags. Place a teabag in bottled water, shake, and let steep. It will be ready to drink in about 2-3 minutes.ul>

  • 6835 yen/kg (tea) + 100 yen/bag (packing)
Hadaseicha's best quality tea leaves. "Ichiban" means "number 1" or "first" in Japanese.
Thank You Broken Tea 4900: Kabuse tea (Konacha : broken tea)
4900 yen / kg Broken tea is rough powder, which is made in the tea making process. It is the same grade as Ichibancha. Note: This is not Maccha (fine green tea powder).
  • 4900 yen/kg (tea) + 100 yen/bag (packing)

Ordering Unit and Wholesale
  • Ordering unit can be selected from 30g, 100g, 200g, 500g, or 1kg. These will be packed in aluminium package.
  • Tea price is weight devided from 1kg tea price.
  • Each packing cost 100 yen.
    • 1 kg of Thank You Loose Tea 5830 with 1kg packing : (tea)5830 x 1kg + (bag)100 x 1 = 5930 yen
    • 1 kg of Thank You Loose Tea 5830 with 100g packing : (tea)5830 x 1kg + (bag)100 x 10 = 6830 yen
    • 100g of Thank You Loose Tea 5830 with 100g packing : (tea)5830 x 0.1kg + (bag)100 x 1 = 683 yen
  • If you order 5.0kg or hevier packing, it will be packed in paper bag. Packing fee is no charge.
  • If you order total weight 5.0 Kg or more, you get 10% discount.
  • No brand label packing available upon request.

Reservation process

It will be following time line:
  • You can put submit reservation order any time. No obligation. No cost. You'll recieve just confirmation.
  • End of April: Order Due for spring tea.
  • Begin of May: You will recieve confirmation and invoice. You can change order. You need pay tea cost and shipping fee by PayPal.
  • Mid May: Sprint tea season start.
  • End of May: We ship product. You'll recieve in a few days.
  • Enjoy tea. Please keep in your freezer.

About shipping

Shipping will be made by EMS of Yubin (Japanese postal service). It is trackable and insured.

International shipping price list (2017)

EMS Info.
EMS International Mail Rate

Note: Total weight will be heavier than just tea.

How to order

  1. Submit form to place reservation (by April 30)
  2. You'll receive email with estimated cost.
  3. Send money by PayPal
  4. You'll receive Hadaseicha's green tea (around the beginning of June)

Limitation & Waiver

Each order is up to 25kg. International orders are non-refundable. Customs duty may apply, which will be responsibility of recipient. Hadaseicha is not responsible more than customer paid.

How to pay

Please pay by PayPal service:
  • E-mail: hada(_at_mark_)
  • Currency: Yen
  • Type: Goods (other)
  • Subject: Hadaseicha order
  • Note: Order number
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.

Order Form

Please complete the following form and submit or send by FAX.
FAX in Japan +81-593-71-3230

You'll be contacted with the estimated price. If you don't hear from us, your order may be lost. Then please contact us.

  • Name
  • ZIP code (or postal code)
  • Address
  • Shipping address (If it is different address from above.)
  • Amount of Loose tea
  • Amount of Tea-Bag
  • Amount of Broken Tea
  • Telephone # (Home, daytime, and shipping address)
  • FAX number
  • Email address

Order person
Order Address
Order Information
Thank You Loose Tea 5830
Loose Tea: 5830 yen/kg

Thank You Tea Bag 6835
Tea Bag: 6835 yen/kg

Thank You Broken Tea 4900
Broken Tea: 4900 yen/kg
Tea 30g
Whole sale / Other amount
Loose Tea
Tea Bag
Broken Tea
Weight + Packing bag (100yen/bag) will be added
For first time order, we'd suggest 500g of Tea Bag.
Each tea bag has 3g of Broken Tea inside. It has about 160 bags. So you can enjoy about half year, if you drink every day.
Shipping address (If it is different)
Shipping method
If it is gift
Message Message with product

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